This year’s registration includes all activities. No additional fees! For prices see the venue page.

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Due to some families typically arriving later on Thursday after dinner has been served, the shindig will be providing Thursday evenings meal as optional. If we were to add this meal to the parks meal plan everyone would be required to pay. There is a pavilion by the lake we have rented where we can bring grills to serve our own food. More than likely this will be hamburgers. This complete meal with sides/dessert/drink will be $5.50 per plate. Please include this cost in with the registration fee. (Feel free to allow your young kids to share plates. We will give your family tickets per plate upon arrival in your shindig welcome bag.)


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Example Registrations

Example family registration:

Mr. & Mrs. Doe
Family dorm: $165
Registration: $90
Child 1: age 12
Child 2: age 8
Child 3: age 4
Child 4: age 2
Thursday meal: 5 plates requested $27.50
Park meal plans
Food request: “No pork please”
3 adult $198
2 child’s $78
1 child free
Total to Lakeview: $441
Total to Shindig: $117.50

Example single registration:

Mary Ruth
Single dorm & meals: $141
Registration: $30
Food request: “vegetarian”
Thursday meal: $5.50
Total to lake view: $141
Total to shindig: $35.50