Jared Dodd & Family

Jared Dodd has a passion for true discipleship and the renewal of the biblical family. He is the author of several books (including DIO TRILOGY and Priest) and has several video series including Discipleship, Immersion, Worldview etc. Some of which are featured on Rightnow Media. He and his wife, Amy, have 8 children and have ministered to many people not only in the states but also in Guatemala where they took their Discipleship series. They have attended 2 shindigs and been readers of “No Greater Joy” for over a decade.

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Peter Brenner & Family

Peter is 54 years old and a 40-year student of the Word with a burden for the Body of Christ and a passion for the faith once delivered. At age fourteen, he found Christ as savior and quickly embraced the scriptures. It wasn’t long, though, before Peter found many biblical discrepancies in his home church which nobody could explain. After many years of frustration, confusion, and struggles, he ultimately fled to the scriptures for resolution in 2000. After many months, he found the biblical answers and forsook traditional church to follow Christ. Today, Peter endeavors to help fellow believers earnestly contend for the faith of Jesus solely upon God’s Word. He and his wife of 27 years, Carla, have three adult and married sons, with six grandchildren among them. Peter and Carla have attended three shindigs and have home churched since 2001.

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Biblical Headship

   Men's Morning Gatherings

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The New Testament Church

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The Harlot Church

Johanna Lonngren

As a student midwife, Johanna Lonngren is on a mission to use her voice to shine light on our current maternity system and to challenge families across the nation to reach a new level of knowledge surrounding birth. As a homeschooled student she started self educating herself in midwifery at 15 and is now enrolled in one of the highly recognized midwifery schools. Johanna lives in Rhode Island surrounded by her nephews and nieces. She enjoys spending time with her goats and taking martial arts.




Pregnancy and childbirth affects everyone, men and women of all ages. Come hear how this topic is relevant to you, how childbirth affects motherhood and fatherhood, the importance of men being educated as well as women, and how to start planning for children premarriage. Johanna will talk about what drew her to midwifery and what fuels her energy and passion, how she hopes to see a changed attitude towards childbirth and how we can all play a role in that to improve the outcomes of mothers and babies, thus enriching the lives of families from coast to coast.  

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