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Events & Schedule

Events & Schedule
Music & Speaking

Thursday, April 27th
10:00am  Arrive at Shindig, Set up camp
1:30pm  Family Meet & Greet
3:00pm  Family Wiffleball
6:00pm Free Time & Rock Climb/Zipline

Friday, April 28th
8:45am Welcome, Slide Show & Music
10:00am  Activities
12:00pm  Lunch
1:00pm  Gellyball, Free Time
2:30pm Dance Practice
5:00pm  Dinner
6:30pm  Volleyball Tournament

Saturday, April 29th
8:30am  Men's Study, Youth Study
Mom's Walk
10:00am  Obstacle Course

12:00pm  Lunch
1:00pm Lake Activities

5:00pm  Potluck
A Tom Sawyer Dance!
Ice Cream Social

Sunday, April 30th
7:30am  Youth Pancake Breakfast
10:00am  Music/Speaking
12:00pm  Potluck Lunch
1:00pm  Activity TBA

3:00pm  Park Clean


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