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Shindig Rules

Modest clothing required. (Especially at Lake.)

Photos will be taken throughout the event and may be used for advertisement and or on social media.

Shindig is not responsible for accidents.

Please be kind and abide by Salmon Lake Park's rules.

Have Fun!!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we bring bikes, rip-sticks, or golf carts? YES

Is ice available? YES

What kind of cooking facilities are there? Kitchens are available in cabins. If you are in a tent you are welcome to use the kitchens in the SunShine Inn, Town Hall & Saloon. Please label your belongings.

Are pets aloud? Yes, Please keep them leashed.

What should I bring? Modest clothing for all events. T-shirts & shorts for water activities. Nice dress for dance. Something for the Market. Board games/cards. Bible. Bring your own meals & cookware. Water.

Will paper goods be provided at pot-lucks? YES (plates, bowls, forks, napkins)

Will drinks be provided? NO & YES…please bring your own water for the event. We will do our best to help keep everyone hydrated.

Will there be a market? tables available for use.

P.S. Must have a good time! Come back next year and bring a new family!

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